Keep Full Program

Delivery Options

We provide 2 options to deliver your fuel. You can order on a Will Call basis or we can provide you with a Keep Full service. We have explained each option to help you decide which is best for you.

  • Will Call

If you want to be in control of deciding when you want fuel then this option is for you. Some people chose this option to keep track of their finances. Be advised that to order fuel from us on a Will Call basis the following applies:

  • Each order will be scheduled to be delivered on the next scheduled truck in your area, not exceeding more than 5 business days from your order date.
  • There is a 100 gallon minimum on your Will Call deliveries. If you order less than 100 gallons a delivery charge will apply.
  • To make a Will Call order in your area please call the ordering desk contact in your area.
  • Emergency delivery fees will apply on deliveries needed before the next scheduled truck in your area.
  • Keep Full

If you want to leave the worry to us this winter then this is for you!

If you opt in for the Keep Full service we will keep your fuel level from getting low by carefully monitoring your tank and ensuring your tank never runs out.

We will monitor your heating fuel supply with our sophisticated “Degree Day” system which accurately calculates your fuel usage and enables use to schedule your deliveries efficiently. Leave it up to us to know when you need a delivery. You will not have to worry about running out of fuel this winter when choosing the Keep Full delivery option.

To be eligible for our Keep Full program you will need to:

  • Heat primarily with Furnace oil or Stove oil.
  • Have at least a 220 gallon tank.
  • Establish a Busch Distributors account and keep the balance current.
  • Opt in for Keep Full here.