Heating Fuel

  • Kerosene or Stove Oil
  • Furnace Oil

“Keep Full” program: We use the sophisticated “Degree Day System” to accurately predict your fuel usage and schedule your deliveries.

Will-call orders are gladly accepted and monthly payment plans are available for your convenience.

Types of Heating Fuels

There are 2 types of fuel that you can use to heat your home. The best way to decide which one you need is based on where your tank is located on your property.

  • 1. Outside and Above Ground Tanks

Recommended oil: Stove oil (also known as Kerosene)

We require this fuel in these tanks because this fuel is refined to withstand cold temperatures without gelling. You pay a little more for Stove Oil because of the way it is produced but it keeps you getting the heat you need when you need it.

  • 2. Underground or In A Basement Tanks

Recommended oil: Furnace oil

This fuel needs to be protected from cold temperatures because it can gel if it gets too cold. If your fuel gels it may clog your heating system and may not be able to burn the fuel to heat your home.

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